Photos: King Khan And The Shrines At The Triple Rock Social Club

King Khan and His Sensational Shrines

Gentleman Jesse and His Men

– Photos By Jon Behm

King Khan and the Shrines:          Myspace

Gentleman Jesse and His Men:          Myspace


Eastern Maine Medical Center implements Report2Web for Healthcare.

Health & Medicine Week August 18, 2003 2003 AUG 18 – ( & — Redwood Software, Inc., a provider of software that improves operational productivity and lowers costs, announced that Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) has implemented a healthcare information storage and distribution system powered by Redwood’s Report2Web for Healthcare.

With Report2Web technology in use since March, results at EMMC include more timely communications, a reduction of errors, and lowered administrative costs in the payroll and accounting departments.

Eastern Maine Medical Center is in the process of expanding use of Report2Web across the organization into areas such as clinical reports for risk management and patient relations, and considers this to be critical in its efforts to maintain the confidentiality of patient information as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). web site eastern maine medical center

“The primary benefits of the Report2Web system are the opportunity to increase employee productivity associated with healthcare administration and improve the timeliness of financial information to managers,” said Daniel Coffey, EMMC chief financial officer. “Results show that this paperless process has improved access to key financial reports and hospital information. By streamlining our business operations, we can continue to improve healthcare delivery in our community.” Report2Web for Healthcare is currently in use by more than 350 employees of EMMC and has already restructured communications procedures, specifically the distribution and sharing of information between various divisions within the organization. Immediate returns include improved employee productivity and better quality control in the accounting, payroll, and budget process. website eastern maine medical center

This article was prepared by Health & Medicine Week editors from staff and other reports.

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7 Responses

  1. Soozie says:

    UGGG! I am sad to of missed this! Good photos! I see a few people I know having a blast in them!

  2. jonbehm says:

    Josh certainly looks like he’s having a good time in those last two King Khan pics 😉

  3. Soozie says:

    Poor Josh, hahaha

  4. Josh says:

    I was trying to have a good time, but there was this asshole next to me who wouldn’t stop taking pictures the whole time. 🙂

  5. Soozie says:

    Everyone totally hates concert photographers 😉

  6. jonbehm says:

    Not as much as we hate ourselves

  7. zoe says:

    touche. god. fml.

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