The Black Keys: El Camino Review (Four Takes)

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3 Responses

  1. Miffed says:

    Damned if they do.

    Any band that has a tried and true “formula” is going to get criticism no matter how they approach things. If they had hand delivered “El Camino” to your doorstep, Jon, I can almost bet you would have refused the package anyway. Reason being now that they are playing to safe and sticking to the grit and spit of their previous endeavors.

    If the fucking Black Keys wanna make a party album, balls out with 100 dollar bills tucked underneath, then let the damn man. Man.

  2. Miffed with fragmented sentences and misplaced commas says:

    “playing TOO safe”

  3. Miffed with fragmented sentences and misplaced commas says:

    Can we stop the White Stripes comparisons, please? Unless Patrick Carney has a dark little secret, it’s hardly a valid point.

    If you insist on going down that road, we have our very own Red Pens to knock up with such notions. They are cut, copy, paste and oh so boooooring.

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