The Best of 2012: Local Songs

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3 Responses

  1. Lunchbox says:

    the lack of recognition by all the local papers and magazines of Teague Alexy,Jack Klatt and Charlie Parr’s new albums is unacceptable. and the Big Cats record is the only local rap album that actually deserves it’s praise.

  2. Lunchbox says:

    and idc that my comment is for the wrong article. tired of reading these slanted best of lists…

  3. jonbehm says:

    Well lunchbox, I don’t think folk music has ever been guilty of being over-represented in local media, but I haven’t heard the 3 records you mention and I plan on looking into them.

    You are dead wrong about Big Cats! album being the only good local rap album to come out this year though.

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